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Health Care Proxy
Living Will
Power of Attorney
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1. Authorize someone to act for you legally (if you can't)?
1a. Blank check?
1b. Expanded powers with instructions?

2. Authorize someone to make your health-care decisions (if you can't)?
2a. God Power
2b. Rests with doctor?
2c. Comply with HIPAA?

3. Protect assets for disabled beneficiaries (if occurs)?
4. Provide for minor beneficiaries (if your children predecease you)?
5. Provide asset protection for your spouse after your death?
6. Provide for protection of assets if your spouse remarries?
7a. Provide asset protection for your children/beneficiaries (for their lives) from creditors?
7b. Provide asset protection for your children/beneficiaries (for their lives) from divorce?
8a. Provide estate tax planning for Federal limits?
8b. Provide estate tax planning for State limits?
9. Provide detailed personal instructions for your loved ones (who gets what, when, how)?
9a. State’s rule book applies?
9b. Your rule book applies?
9c. Simple trust (probate avoidance)?

10. Provide detailed disability instructions (what to do with me and my $)?
11. Make your personal information (assets/beneficiaries)?
12. Require probate?
12a. 2 Probates/ancillary?
13. Provide a plan for accident/unforeseen illness/prevent business failure, etc.?
14. Provide asset protection for you during life (from lawsuits/nursing home)?
15a. Provide advanced planning for Income tax?
15b. Provide advanced planning for protection of assets already transferred to kids?
15c. Provide advanced planning for estate tax beyond Federal/State limits?
15d. Provide advanced planning for business succession plan?
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