New Community Medicaid Transfer Penalties Go into Effect Next Month—Protect Yourself Now!

Money Protecting concept. Saving symbol - Close-up Of A Human Hand Protecting Pink Piggy BankOn October 1, 2020 applicants for Community Medicaid will be subject to a new look-back period of 30 months.

This means that if you apply and are eligible for Community Medicaid on or after October 1, and you made non-exempt asset transfers within 30 months of your application date, you could be subject to a penalty period. The penalty period is the length of time you will be ineligible to receive Community Medicaid to pay for home care, private duty nursing, personal care, or the assisted living program (ALP).

The penalty period will depend on the fair market value of the gift or transfer you made during the look-back period. It could be months, it could be years. During the penalty period you will have to pay for your care out-of-pocket, which could be financially devastating for you and your family.

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