What Issues Fall Under New York Elder Law?

You might have heard the term elder law but are unsure what this really means for your life and for planning purposes. There are many different concepts included under the umbrella of elder law and your meeting and strategy with an elder lawyer can help you determine which of these apply to you.

Older adults often have very specific needs that should be addressed proactively, and it can be helpful to have a lawyer who is focused on helping you adapt your plans as need be. There might be more urgent and active concerns like getting your estate plan in place, but there will also be a future-focused strategy such as considering what happens if you need long term care in the future.

Some of the biggest issues to think about in advance when meeting with a NY elder lawyer are:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Financial elder abuse
  • Estate tax
  • Guardianship
  • Social Security benefits
  • Special needs concerns for your any children
  • Trust formation
  • Will contests
  • Eligibility for Medicaid
  • Estate planning

You might also have specific concerns related to your family, such as supporting children from a previous marriage. All of these issues should be discussed with your NY elder lawyer. Once you create an estate plan, this is not a set of documents that you ignore. Your life changes and calls upon you to update your materials and align your new strategies with the help of your elder lawyer.

For more information about how to get started protecting your interests, outlining your estate plan and possible long term care plan, and discussing any questions you have around your assets, set up a time to work with a dedicated NYC elder lawyer now.

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